US state set to outlaw the name of the veggie burger

Soon, stores in Arkansas might not be able to call veggie burgers veggie burgers, or soy milk soy milk. That’s because a new law will prohibit what officials are calling misleading and confusing packaging on food items. Advocates for the law say that people might buy a veggie burger and be confused, because it is not meat-based. Although the word “veggie” does seem to offer a clue.

The law would prohibit the use of terms like “meat”, “sausage”, and “beef” on products that are not made from animals, as well as prohibit the labelling of items like cauliflower rice as “rice” or soy milk as “milk”. It would be punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 for each violation. Similar laws have passed in states throughout the country including Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Dakota.