University of Brighton Studentship in Computational Lexicography

In recent years, there has been a major international effort to digitally document the variation of the natural world as a part of a “biodiversity commons”. This digitalization process involves a number of terminological challenges (e.g. variant spellings of technical terminology, referential variation and duplication, the presence of formal and informal naming systems).… Read More

Course entitled “Western European Surnames” at Newberry Library in Chicago, fall 2015

2718941649_1c453a99cf_mWhat mysteries of the past can be unlocked by your family’s surnames?

This fall, historical linguist Dr. Jack Shreve will be answering this and other fascinating onomastic questions in a three session course entitled “Western European Surnames” at Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois. During this seminar, attendees will learn about the derivation of surnames from North, South, and Central Europe.

More information about the course readings, class syllabus, and the registration process can be found by contacting Professor Shreve directly at jackshrevechicago[@]